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“kindness should be underneath everything else, everything else goes better as a result of it” - Nel Noddings, Stanford University

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We are BKND, a company that designs business strategies that leverage social responsibility and advises business ventures on how to benefit from “business with kindness”.
We believe in kindness as an agent of social change. We capitalize goodness so businesses can thrive while communities around them flourish.


We have developed a standard of social responsibility based on principles of kindness.  Our “Certified K” seal represents our accreditation that the provider of a product or service meets our standards of encouragement of kindness after a rigorous auditing of their business model and practices.


Golden Tangerine: a kind brand, that is increasing kindness into the world, one bracelet at a time.


BEKA: get to know “BEKA”, the first digital business strategy with a heart that will help companies shape their world with kindness as they get positive business results.

If you would like for us to design a tailored strategy to capitalize kindness and shape the world, contact us!



We believe in leading by example and that actions speak louder than words.

BKND supports the Believe in Kindness Foundation (BIK) that promotes kindness as an agent of social change through literary programs for girls at risk.

We believe in increasing the productivity, happiness and wellness of the world by increasing compassion(*) in the communities.

BKND has collaborated with the BIK Foundation in our shared mission to promote kindness by sponsoring and designing the projects listed below:

Cadenitas de Amor: a song with a positive message that serves as an anthem for the BIK Foundation in collaboration with latin grammy nominated singers Periko & Jessi Leon.

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The Wings: a short film produced by La Mariposa Films to be used by the BIK Foundation and others to spread the message of kindness.

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*Dacher Keltner, a professor at UC Berkeley in the Social Interaction Lab, has shown us that there is a proven mirror effect in witnessing compassion that compels the brain to mimic the emotions. what they have seen or allows them to feel that they want to act in the same manner. When you see or feel kindness around you, you will want to replicate the act, thus, spreading and multiplying acts of kindness.

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